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How do I go into an interview in the best STATE OF MIND?

Sometimes we feel good, sometimes we feel bad.

There is a lot going on in our lives…

Commitments, challenges, obligations, worries and things to do, it is hectic.

How can you jump up above all the distractions and noise and take the best version of yourself into the room?

Specifically, how do optimise your STATE?

It might surprise you to hear that there are a bunch of great ways to do this all of which are available to you right now…If you know me, as you might expect me to say, all you need is a pen and paper! 📜🖊

It’s true though so go grab one!

I have a coaching model for this state of mind work and it is called STATE of ME.

It stands for:





Everything I have;

If you would like to take CLEAR CONFIDENT FOCUS into a situation

Here are my strategies. I would call them tactics but they require some advanced reflective work so they might be seen as more than that. To be honest you could easily spend more than an hour on each one but I wanted to give you a big reflection post so you can spend some me time with

... all the accessible and fabulous ways you can support yourself and your mindset


Ok let’s go…

Career Stress:

It takes practise to slow down and get from the react to the respond place. Reading up on the different parts of the brain, neocortex versus stem, human vs. reptile explains things rationally BUT how do you get masterful in the moment? Breathing deeply is a great way and it has a physiological impact as more air being taken helps the parasympathetic nervous system. It works! 🧘‍♀️

Career Talents:

Take 10 and a pen. 📜🖊

There are a load of things you are already really great at. It might be hard skills or soft, it might be knowledge of a market or industry. Write the list, it is actually a long one! 💥

Career Achievements and Resilience:

How do you channel your resilience? A great exercise I do on a couple of my courses with clients is the 10 years timeline. You write down 📜🖊all your accomplishments and trials and put them in chronological order. Wow me… I can deal with sh*t and guess what you are still standing you got through stuff and you will again. You my friend are strong. You have overcome stuff and really done some great things. Superhero kudos. 💥

Career Thinking:

What is the derailing thought? Be honest there is one in there, it might not be true, it might go around and around, that you aren’t amazing at one tiny thing on the job spec? Ok fine beat yourself up – your call….but remember your thoughts create your feelings which leads to your actions your results and your situation. So instead harness what else can I think📜🖊replace that negative thought with a more self-supportive one. I have less years of experience in the field becomes, I am an amazing communicator and I have 3 good examples to talk about how I have used that to achieve positive outcomes. Paper and pen time! Write down your new favourite thought 5 times! Yes I want you to do lines for me like you are at school, drum it in there! 💥

Everything you have:

Take 10 minutes to write down a list 📜🖊 of everything you want that you already have today that you are grateful for. Remember where in your life you are already lucky and happy and fulfilled. Hold on I am one lucky guy/gal! 💥

Me and my career:

Oh this old chestnut huh. ME & MY WHY

I am not going to repeat myself at length as I have shared many posts on this subject recently. Condensed version:

- Understand you and your purpose📜🖊

- Have a clear goal 📜🖊

- Get out your pen and paper 📜🖊

and plan the steps for each barrier to accomplish the goal

- Make rewarding progress by taking the first real action steps to make it happen 💥

…like the meerkat it is “Simples” well sort of ..tbh that reflective work involves unwrapping the layers of the onion and some personal work, but it’s worth it! 💯💯

Perfic so now we have the ingredients for controlling our state how do we do it.

Practise makes perfect. It’s about holding the outputs of this reflection in your mind.

Try holding the personal findings from of these reflective exercises in your mind.

Let’s take gratitude for example. All the amazing things you already have …people, objects, places and experiences. Hold them in your mind, all the richness and positivity.

That is the state to bring up and ride into the moment.

As we get better at this we can really start to hold and to dwell in the best version of ourselves.😁

Our calm steady confidence, our recall of our resilience, our gratitude and appreciation of the skills and things we already have, and great self supporting thoughts.

Take this STATE of ME into your next interview. 🤝



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