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Blog 2 - Fellow humans - HUGE news!

Cogito Ergo Sum!

As human beings we have many thoughts conscious and unconscious.

(Over 50,000 a day)

You think therefore you are.

Descartes came up with this nearly 400 years ago.

This is a big deal!

Descartes suggested that the very act of observing one's own existence shows proof of one's mind. If there are thoughts there is a self.

This self-awareness is key to taking control in our own lives.

Not only do we know we are there because we have thoughts but we know that it is these thoughts that make us feel. All the evidence and literature on cognitive behaviour proves this.

So how can you support yourself by developing self-awareness?

-By better understanding how your mind works and thinking about your thoughts -By understanding your thoughts and considering how well they serve you -How does this thought make me feel?

-By learning how to use your singular human ability to be mindful about how you feel -Your actions create your results but it all starts with the mind and your feelings -Learning how to stop and influence your thoughts and feelings to serve your purpose and your goals.

That is huge,

That is growth,

...and also just maybe that is what happy looks like!

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