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How to keep your life on track setting personal goals

In order to keep your life on track you first need to figure out where the track leads!

A client said to me one day that he and his wife sat down together at the beginning of each year and they agreed their goals for the year together. Despite being rather sweet and unexpected, I thought this was fantastic.

Simple disciplines like writing down your goals are very useful. The idea of literally carving out 20 minutes of your life, getting out a pen and paper and writing down what is important to you and what you want.

Typically individuals struggle with setting high quality goals. One model which can be used is the simple SMART model. This is The components to interrogate or filter the goal are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely. Another NLP model is PECSAW which stands for Positive, Evidenced, Compelling, Self-led, Achievable, and Worthwhile. Goals need to be carefully developed and challenged to ensure they are well-formed and meaningful. I have another bespoke model called DRIVES.

In order to keep on track and ensure effort is positively centred on true needs people also need to examine core values. If people consider what is truly important to them, what is meaningful and what they care deeply about they can develop related goals which inspire them.

This type of self-analysis and internal exploration is a foundation of coaching and personal growth and can be quite key when individuals have not previously taken the time to think about it. The crazy thing is it doesn’t really take very long but it can be very powerful!

Two other coaching disciplines exist which can further support making and meeting goals. One is planning and the other is accountability. Once a goal is set the obstacles to overcome between the current situation and the future desired situation need to be overcome, or planned for.

I often recommend to carry out a structured brainstorm to figure out all the barriers between themselves and their goal. Once visible and understood they can be planned for. One can up-skill, outsource or complete tasks as required.

Detailed planning might be required where weekly tasks are set. Ideally these should be specific and carefully prioritised. The goal can be broken down into component parts, 90 day, 6 month and 1 year for example. Then the individual needs to build their accountability process. Do they score themselves daily on each goal or sub goal. Do they report to a coach or friend. Do they write up in a note book how they are performing versus the plan?

So to sum up one approach to keeping your life on track is about setting well-formed goals that are meaningful, and the second is planning how to execute them and holding yourself accountable. It’s that simple guys.

I invite you get out a piece of paper and a pen and write down what you want in your life. That’s the start 😃



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