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These days...

During the Covid-19 crisis we have not only our usual obligations but very likely changed circumstances and additional pressures. Dealing with all of this as well as concern about our loved ones, friends and family is a lot to ask. We may need to find new strategies and work harder on our thinking and feelings to flourish.

Who am I?

I work as a professional life coach having gained a Life Coaching Certificate and more recently an Advanced Certificate of Professional coaching (International Coach Federation and European Coach and Mentoring Council accredited). I have a group coaching certification. I also have a qualification from the Nutrition Academy in Applied Nutrition and Supplementation and an elective on Behavioural Change.  

What could coaching support?

Sometimes it is just an opportunity to  be listened to. It is about figuring out where you want to be and how to get there. It could be you are frustrated in your work, or with your family life or personal life and just need to explore yourself and your situation in order to move forward in a positive way. It can also be about setting positive future orientated goals.

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Much of the work I do draws on principles from psychology and cognitive behaviour.

The deep transformational approach I use focuses on personal development and long-term meaningful change. I am father to three children aged 2, 4 and 7 years old and have been married to Emma for 14 years.


Our youngest son Ozzie spent the first two months of his life in intensive care and has a number of ongoing medical conditions which have led to many challenges to overcome for the family.  The family have drawn on this experience and adapted and taken strength from it.


I used to be quite overweight and unhealthy.  I lost the weight and kept it off. I regularly complete in ultra-marathons, some of which have been 100 miles or 24 hours non-stop. I have completed over 30 triathlons with a few podium finishes. 

I have a number of specialist areas including:

  • Redundancy, career development, career change 

  • Figuring our how to be the best version of yourself and meet you potential whatever lands in your plate

  • Coaching executives to improve management style, employee engagement and  team performance

  • Creating confidence and energy for taking action

  • Entrepreneurship, weight loss, health and fitness, and reducing alcohol consumption.

Three main reasons I am offering these sessions?

  • I have completed two coaching certifications but am yet to reach the 500 hours requirement for my International Coaching Federation Advanced Certification.

  • Offering 100 sessions without charging fees will enable me to accelerate the rate of progress of building up my hours

  • It offers an introduction to coaching for people who may choose to work with me at a later stage.

  • I love coaching and empowering people to make a difference in their lives!

What are the terms and conditions? and what do I mean by free?

  • In order for the hour to count towards my certification I will need to ask for a nominal fee of £1.

  • I am also asking for a non-compulsory donation to my preferred Guildford based charity Challengers of £30 for the session. Challengers is an inclusive, exciting and fun play and leisure charity for disabled children in the South East. They provide a fun environment for disabled children and young people across the South East. In their schemes, children and young people make friends and have the opportunity to try cool new activities. Families with disabled children can use short breaks to pursue activities such as shopping or spending time with their other children. Families have told us that the Challengers lifeline of support keeps them strong.

  • One session per person.

  • My 60 min coaching sessions are usually priced around £200.

How can we meet?

By video call.

How do I book?

Any problems please text me on 07973 490 471.

How do I donate?:

  Sessions gifted to date: 12 / 100    
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