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Professional  Coach

If you would like to move forward with life,  your career, your diet and exercise goals or just try something new

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GROW .....

Your mind can make anything possible

My experience and study has shown me the sheer power of our minds to support us in every aspect of our lives. The awareness system I use in all my coaching is hugely powerful. It teaches you so much about how you have been limiting yourself. It shows you how to unlock possibilities for the future. Whether your challenges are
- how you engage with your kids,
-your partner
-your boss
- or your health and fitness
I can help you learn to re-program your mind for yourself and create a resourceful and productive pathway.


I have trained with the internationally recognised Transcend Academy up to the

Advanced Certificate in Professional Coaching level.

This course is accredited by both the European Mentoring & Coaching Council -

&  International Coach Federation -

The transformational approach is only used by a few professional coaches.

Transformational coaching revolves around work with clients on

Well Formed Goals, Core Values and Attention drawing on psychology and cognition to support meaningful change.

It is developmental in nature and works much more deeply than executive or skill based coaching.

Transformational coaching works to produce meaningful long term change in your life.


It starts with a 45 minute free conversation about whether we might like to  work together...

I can come to you or some clients like to work with me in the barn in my garden which is a very tranquil environment.

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Before I started coaching I assumed it was about instruction and direction. What I have found most interesting and most powerful in this profession is that it’s really the opposite of that.

It is about questions and exploration of what the client already knows. A coach is not there to tell but to ask. A coach is not there just to listen but to hear and understand and playback and build. 

To build with the client their vision which they believe in which they can work to with ownership.

​As a guide on a journey the coach can correct course but will not direct either the destination or the means of travel.

So to sum this up I would perhaps define coaching as when a mortal and an explorer get together for an exciting adventure to find purpose on a higher plain.

Toy Plane

Whatever you’re struggling with, I’m here to help you achieve your goals. Contact me to find out more.

If you are distressed by anything, the pain is not due to the thing itself,

but to your estimate of it; 

and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.

Marcus Aurelius (Meditations) 167 A.D.

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Online video call




Commit, Learn, Use, Succeed

The focused service I offer for weight loss is simple and flawless. If it is applied it will work every time. This is why I am happy to offer a fee arrangement where the majority of the cost is not paid until after success has been acheived for the coachee.

Most of us are overweight because we over eat.


We eat more food than our body requires as fuel.


We eat when we are not hungry and  keep eating when we are full.


Put simply if hunger is not the problem food is not the solution. 


We allow ourselves to use food to dull our emotions. We allow ourselves to eat to avoid thinking. I work closely and deeply with each coachee to enable them to own, understand and improve their relationship with food. This permanent shift in awareness offers many benefits beyond weight loss alone.

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